Noise Nuisance Recorder Features

The NoiseMeters Noise Nuisance Recorder has been purpose designed for measuring and recording unwanted noise from neighbors. It is not a general purpose noise monitor or sound level meter, but very specific to neighbor noise monitoring.


The NNR meets the sound level meter standards IEC 61672 to Class 1 and ANSI S1.4 to Type 1. These are the more accurate classification in the standards. The microphone, preamplifier and acoustic processor are all suitable for this type of measurement.

A calibration certificate showing that the unit has been tested within the last 12 months is included.

Measurements & Recordings

The NNR makes sound level measurements, which can be seen on a computer or on printout, and audio recordings, which can be listened to on a computer.

Sound Level Measurements - The NNR stores the LAeq (average sound level) every second. When transfered to a computer this gives a graph of the sound level over time and is essential to give a clear picture of the background noise levels. These measurements are made all the time the unit is powered up.

Audio Recordings - These recordings are made when the green button is pressed. Once pressed the standard NNR will record for one minute and then stop automatically. It also records the 30 seconds before the button is pressed.

noise nuisance recorder features