noise nuisance recorder for monitoring neighbor noise

Measuring and Recording Neighbor Noise

The NoiseMeters Noise Nuisance Recorder accurately measures sound levels and records the audio so you can identify the source of the noise. It is intended for indoor use, installed in a room where the noise is causing problems.

Setting Up

Making Recordings

Sound Level Measurements - The monitor measures and stores the sound level measurements continuously, so all the background levels when the nuisance noise isn't present can be seen. It stores the average sound level every second to provide a graph of noise over time.

Audio Recordings - Recordings of the audio are only made when you request them. To start a recording press the green button. It will record for a preset period (usually 1 minute) and then stop. The green light flashes while the recording is being made. It also stores a "pre-trigger" period before the button is pressed (usually 30 seconds). The pre-trigger is there so that you have time to get to the button after you have heard the noise.

Getting the Recorder

The Noise Nuisance Recorder is available for rental over periods of one week or longer. Due to the cost and logistics of preparing and shipping the equipment we do not offer rental periods of less than one week.

The recorder will be delivered to you by courier service and will arrive the day before your rental period starts. This ensures you have time to set it up and have it ready to go for the full period you have paid for. We send a courier to collect the equipment from you the day after the rental period ends.

How to Book

You can check the availability, choose your dates and book the rental on our main web site:

Noise Nuisance Recorder Rental