Noise Nuisance Recorder Kits

noise nuisance recorder

The Noise Nuisance Recorder kits (order codes NNR63x) contain a precision grade sound level meter and come complete with a Calibrator, external microphone and very strong protective case. A carrying bag is also included.

The kit contains:

  • Sound Level Meter
    • Data logging with Audio Recording
    • Class 1 or Class 2
    • Can be used as a hand-held meter
  • Microphone with Extension Cable, Windshield and Mini Tripod
  • Sound Level Calibrator
  • Protective, Lockable Case
  • Extra Carrying Case
  • Noise Nuisance Reporter Software

Standards and Regulations

As noise nuisance measurements are often used to take legal action it is very important to use a sound level meter that meets the correct international standards. The range of meters that are used in the NNR63x Noise Nuisance Recorders meet IEC 61672 to Class 1 or Class 2 (depending on the model chosen) as well as ANSI S1.4 and ANSI S1.43 to Type 1 or Type 2 (depending on the model chosen).

More Information and Purchasing

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